Sasso Italia


What is Sasso Italia?


Ideal Work has developed this unique system for even and consistent exposed aggregate paving. Ideal Work has combined historic Italian terrazzo and modern polymer technologies to produce Sasso Italia.
At a thickness of 2cm – 4cm you can use Sasso Italia on freshly placed or old concrete, making Sasso Italia the perfect product for new build construction or renovation projects.


Why choose Sasso Italia?


Due to the nature of Sasso Italia it has many benefits over other exposed aggregate systems.

• Exotic Aggregates can be used with little extra cost.
• Light bright colours including white can be used.
• Thin section application for areas with fine level tolerances.
• Even and consistent aggregate and matrix exposure.
• Easy to mix and apply.
• Interior or exterior application.
• Can be polished.
• High flexural and compressive strengths.



In the Public Eye



Public Squares or walkways, Sasso Italia can blend into any natural environment. Pedestrian or vehicular traffic make great use of the anti slip finish of Sasso Italia in both wet and cold conditions. There are many happy clients that have already seen the benefits of Sasso Italia exposed aggregate paving.



Very easy to keep clean



Sasso Italia is easy to keep clean and is stain resistant. Part of the system requires one of Ideal Work Protective sealers. These sealers will enhance the colour and prevent dusting. For costal or freeze thaw environments our sealer can also protect against salt erosion.



Polish it Off


Polished concrete is fast becoming the architectural choice for interior floors and SassoItalia fits in the same category. When sustainability or green construction is a consideration then polishing Sasso Italia could be your answer. Because of the high early strengths of SassoItalia it can be polished sooner than most concretes.

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